Welcome to the official web site of Scientific Research in Information Systems: A Beginner’s Guide.

This book was written to introduce doctoral, other higher-degree research students as well as early-career researchers to the process of scientific research in the fields of Information Systems as well as fields of Information Technology, Business Process Management and other related disciplines within the social sciences. It guides the readers in their process of learning the life of a researcher. In doing so, it provides an understanding of the essential elements, concepts and challenges of the journey into research studies. It also provides a gateway for the student to inquire deeper about each element covered​. Comprehensive and broad but also succinct and compact, the book is focusing on the key principles and challenges for a novice doctoral student.

On this webpage, you will find information about uptake, reviews and supplementary material associated with the book. Instructors are welcome to use this material provided that they include clear references to the book or this web site.

The book is available at Springer, Amazon and your favourite bookstore.

If you are an instructor using the book in your class, you can request access to instructor-only material, such as slidedecks, readings or exercises. Please contact me together with some evidence of your affiliation to a higher-education institution.

Enjoy the book, this webpage, and scientific research!

Jan Recker

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